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 +======2015/​04/​15【專題演講】Prof. Jürgen Hennig ======
 +**一、活動訊息如下:** ​
 +  - 活動/​報名網頁:http://​ppt.cc/​5wX8 ​ (需線上報名,正取120名學員)
 +  - 題目:Watching the Brain at Work: New Approaches and Insights in functional Magnetic Resonance (fMRI)
 +  - 講者:Prof. Jürgen Hennig \\ Professor and co-chairman of the ‘Dep. of Radiology – Medical Physics’ at the University Hospital Freiburg, Germany \\ 講者簡歷:http://​ppt.cc/​zh6x
 +  - 時間: 04月15日 16:00 - 17:00
 +  - 地點:國立成功大學 成杏校區 醫學院 1樓 第一講堂 \\ 醫學院交通路線圖:http://​ppt.cc/​G~Q9 \\ 第一講堂位置圖:http://​ppt.cc/​2Hvl
 +  - 演講摘要: \\ fMRI has had a tremendous impact on the understanding of the organization of the brain. Over many years fMRI has been mainly used to map out the functional topography of the brain. More recently the focus of attention has been shift to investigations of the spatiotemporal networks underlying brain function. A correlation between functional networks detected by resting state network (RSN) fMRI and morphological connectivity promises a better understanding of the functional hierarchy of brain networks. One focus of the presentation will be new developments in ultrafast fMRI using our MR-encephalography method, which allows an acquisition rate of 10 brain volumes (64x64x64 at 3 mm isotropic resolution) per second. New results on neuroscientific applications in the investigation of high frequency networks as well as clinical applications on epilepsy patients will be discussed. Furthermore I will present new insights from experiments on combined functional and morphological connectivity in humans as well as in mouse brain including first results of a comparison of DTI-based fibre tracking with histological methods.
 +  - 宣傳海報: http://​ppt.cc/​cSr2
 +  - **國立成功大學心智影像研究(MRI)中心** [[fmrincku@gmail.com]]
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